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My name is Cristi Timofte and I’m a wedding photographer in Iasi since 2003. My passion for photography began with the first camera I received from my father when I was 11 years old.

I began to shy about studying the technique of photography, it was very difficult at the time, technical materials were only in libraries and I was subscribed to the magazine “Cutezatoriii”, where, on page 14, it was dedicated to the little photographer. So I learned what time of exposure, aperture, ISO sensitivity …

In 2003, 17 years after the first film on the film (a Russian Smena), I began to go to events (weddings in particular).

In the years 1990-2000, the wedding photographer’s job was almost nonexistent, the wedding photos were made in the studios, there was no current photojournalism of the wedding, all you had to do was have a video camera to shoot the events, everyone wanted that : filming. Thus, the photographer becoming a ninja cameraman, the wedding filming service grew at least in Iasi

I started this way too, then I took a 2 megapixel HP digital camera and took photos at weddings for free. At this moment I own:

But you need to know something very important: it does not matter with which camera, objective (expensive or not), etc. You do that! The important thing is to make out of passion, basic notions in photography you must have, but there are many memorable pictures captured with the devices in AUTO or partially Auto modes and Ken Rocwell is a good example of professional photographer who recognizes this! – Canon photographer

The beginning was hard, a wedding photographer is not just what you see weddings: an active guy with a backpack and a camera in his hand is a man who has to make good mood whatever the situation, photomodels for a day in a day, a man for whom studio work and photo editing are a second priority. Generally the wedding photographer is not what it seems to be! You see him at events where he takes pictures and you can tell yourself how simple and fun it is to be a photographer. Apparently it is, but he also does the work that is not seen: photo editing for each wedding, which can mean 3000-4000 “drawn” cadres, database accountability, investments and the stress they generate …

Private life? Depends…! Sacrifices? Somehow yes! Satisfaction? Oooo! What can be more enjoyable to see the photos you’ve been admired by other people? Surely there are others, but I know that and I like to do: photo! Pictures make many … Canon photographer